Unlocking HyperCop License (IP)

HyperCop users can change the network their license is connected to by following a series of simple steps. This process is not related to proxies or other mechanisms integrated directly in HyperCop, however, it's important that the user follows these steps and unlocks their license in order to run their tasks.

1. Whenever you switch the network you're accessing your HyperCop software from an "IP is in use" message will display on your HyperCop dashboard.

hypercop supreme bot clearing ip message

2. Click on the blue "here" link and login to your dashboard.

3. Click on the lock icon located to the left of the download button to unlock your license.

4. Congratulations! Once the checkmark icon has appeared your license is unlocked.

5. Navigate to your HyperCop app and proceed with the setup process.

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