Managing Captcha On HyperCop

Supreme will sometimes use Captcha at the end of the checkout process, however, the chances of it occurring can be mitigated with HyperCop.

Navigate to your installed HyperCop Supreme Bot application

1. Click on the "Captcha" page located in the sidebar.

2. Because Captcha is developed by Google, signing into your Gmail account can help to significantly reduce the chances of it occurring.

3. Prior to each release, you can further mimic the actions of a "typical person" by watching YouTube videos (while logged into your Gmail account).

4. Your tasks will display a checkmark icon within the "Captcha" section (on the "Tasks" page) if Supreme doesn't request any Captcha tokens. In the event that Captcha needs to be solved, you'll see a red cross icon followed by the word "Open". Simply click on it and solve the Captcha to finalize your order!

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