Installing HyperCop On Mac OS

All HyperCop users have the option of installing their software on either Windows, Mac OS, or Windows via their Dashboard.

Navigate to your personal Dashboard on hypercopbot.com

HyperCop Supreme Bot Dashboard

1. Click on the download icon to the left of the unlock button.  

2. Click on the download button across from the Apple logo. 

3. Double-click on the HyperCop ".dmg" file in your downloads. 

4. Some users may receive an "unidentified developer" message box. Simply click "OK" and proceed to the next step.

can't be downloaded error hypercop mac os

5. Use Search (or press "CMD + SPACE") and type in "Security & Privacy". Select the "Top Hit" first option.

6. Click the lock image in the bottom-left corner to make changes.

7. Enter your password and click "Unlock"

8. Click on "Open Anyway". If the system asks you whether you want to open the application after completing this step simply click on "Open".

open anyway hypercop mac os

9. Drag the HyperCop logo into "Applications".

10. Congrats, you've successfully installed HyperCop on your Mac! You can now access your "Applications" folder from Finder and drag the HyperCop logo into your Toolbar for easy access in the future.

hypercop supreme bot login page

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