Frequently Asked Questions

how is hypercop different from other surpeme bots?

HyperCop Supreme Bot is a cross-platform software that has been tested across all Supreme regions with the help of hundreds of beta-testers. Managed by professional programmers and customer support agents, it's a one-of-kind bot that gives its users access to exclusive features with an intuitive interface and superior performance. Unlike others, our bot isn't a Chrome Extension or a variation of it. Instead, it's a standalone program that runs directly from your desktop. Staying committed to our goal of helping people acquire the limited items they desire, all our licenses are free of renewals and remain active for the lifetime of the product. It's time to say goodbye to those annoying recurring fees! 

Are there video tutorials?

how fast do i get my bot?

Can hypercop bypass captcha?

do I have to pay for updates? Is the bot single use?

do you offer email support?

do you release weekly guides or keywords?

what are tasks?

What is a proxy? Do I need proxies?