Adding Tasks On HyperCop

Proper task creation is crucial to securing the items you want. Luckily, we made this process simple and intuitive.

Navigate to your installed HyperCop Supreme Bot application

1. Click on the "Add Tasks" page located in the sidebar.

hypercop supreme bot adding tasks guide

2. Enter the "Title" of your task into the first field. Whatever you enter here is used purely for your convenience when managing multiple tasks. It doesn't affect the purchasing process and is not the keyword that's used when attempting to locate your desired item.

3. Choose the checkout profile you wish to use when completing the transaction (you must first create them on the "Profiles" page). See the guide for adding them here.

4. Select the proxy you want to connect to your task (you must first input them on the "Proxies" page). If you're creating a low number tasks, the checkout process can be complete without them. See the guide for adding them here.

5. Select the category of your desired product. Release guides are posted weekly and include the keywords, categories, and colors of all items. Subscribe to our newsletter and Instagram to receive an alert whenever they're posted

6. Enter your product's keyword in the same format that's posted within the weekly release guide.

7. Enter your product's color. Keep in mind that each task will only accept one color option (don't input multiple colors into this field).

8. Select your product's size. If you wish to target any available size select the "Any Size" option (or if you're attempting to purchase an accessory).

9. Click on "Add Task".

Example of a proper task setup.

hypercop supreme bot example task setup

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