Adding Proxies On HyperCop

You can use proxies with HyperCop to distribute your traffic across multiple networks. If you're creating a low number tasks, the checkout process can be complete without them.

Navigate to your installed HyperCop Supreme Bot application

1. Click on the "Proxies" page located in the sidebar.

how to add proxies to hypercop supreme bot guide

2. Click on "Add New Proxy"

3. Enter the "Title" of your proxy into the first field. Whatever you enter here is used purely for your convenience when managing multiple proxies. It doesn't affect how HyperCop connects to the proxy or the purchasing process.

4. Enter your proxy's "Host".

5. Enter your proxy's "Port".

6. Enter the username for your proxy.

7. Enter the password for your proxy.

8. You can test your proxy with our built-in proxy checker by clicking on "Test It". Please understand that frequently testing your proxies can render them useless.

9. Click on "Add Proxy" when all of the above fields have been filled in.

10. You can manage all of your created proxies by clicking on the "Proxies" page located in the sidebar.

If you don't know what your proxy's "Host", "Port", "Username", or "Password" are please contact your proxy provider.

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