Supreme Week 13 Retail Prices and Droplist (SS19)

Supreme Week 13 Retail Prices and Droplist (SS19)

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The items are listed in order from most popular to least.

Item Picture Item Name Estimated Retail
Supreme Supreme®/Nike® Swoosh Sweater SS19

Supreme®/Nike® Swoosh Sweater

$148 / £128
Supreme Supreme®/Nike® Hooded Sport Jacket SS19

Supreme®/Nike® Hooded Sport Jacket

$248 / £228
Supreme Supreme®/Pelican™ 3310PL Flashlight SS19

Supreme®/Pelican™ 3310PL Flashlight

$48 / £40
Supreme Gold Bars Tee SS19

Gold Bars Tee

$78 / £68
Supreme Supreme®/Nike® Shoulder Bag SS19

Supreme®/Nike® Shoulder Bag

$45 / £38
Supreme Supreme®/Nike® Stripe Hooded Sweatshirt SS19

Supreme®/Nike® Stripe Hooded Sweatshirt

$138 / £128
Supreme Supreme®/Nike® Warm Up Pant SS19

Supreme®/Nike® Warm Up Pant

$138 / £128
Supreme Supreme®/Nike® Stripe Sweatpant SS19

Supreme®/Nike® Stripe Sweatpant

$138 / £128
Supreme Plaid Suit SS19

Plaid Suit

$598 / £498
Supreme Motherfucker Hooded Sweatshirt SS19

Motherfucker Hooded Sweatshirt

$158 / £148
Supreme Glitter Terry Camp Cap SS19

Glitter Terry Camp Cap

$48 / £46
Supreme Reversible Patchwork Quilted Jacket SS19

Reversible Patchwork Quilted Jacket

$218 / £198
Supreme Logo Stripe S/S Top SS19

Logo Stripe S/S Top

$88 / £78
Supreme Racing New Era® SS19

Racing New Era®

$68 / £62
Supreme Damask L/S Top SS19

Damask L/S Top

$110 / £89
Supreme Plaid Rayon Shirt SS19

Plaid Rayon Shirt

$138 / £118
Supreme Cordura® Script Logo 6-Panel SS19

Cordura® Script Logo 6-Panel

$48 / £46
Supreme Zip Up S/S Work Shirt SS19

Zip Up S/S Work Shirt

$128 / £99

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