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The most advanced purchasing program that combines elegance with unbeatable performance. 

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Programmed by professionals from the ground up, HyperCop is the most advanced bot in the industry.  


Boasting novel features while expanding on the basics, HyperCop's users have access to everything right out of the box.


Developed with the help of thousands of beta-testers, HyperCop is fine-tuned to the needs of each user.

Infinite Task Creation

The smartest, most powerful checkout mechanisms in a purchasing bot that allow you to multiply your chances of success by targeting an unlimited amount of items at once.

Smart captcha prevention

Our programmers have worked hard to ensure that Captcha will not be a problem for our users by combining intelligent Captcha prevention mechanisms and built-in Captcha harvesting options.

Direct Proxy integration

Utilize the built-in proxy menu to distribute your traffic across multiple networks while maintaining blazing fast checkout speeds. Ensure that your proxies are running smoothly with the help our latest proxy tester.

HyperCop Supreme Bot

$149.99 $199.99

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HyperCop is compatible with all desktop operating systems. Please select yours from the dropdown list above and proceed with the checkout process. If at any time you want to reinstall the software on a different computer, you'll be able to do so via your license management dashboard.


If Supreme ships to your region, we've got you covered. 

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Our users are always our number one priority. We don't do complicated systems. We have experts ready to help whenever you need it.


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